Standard flow of our business is shown below;

(1)Contact from Customer

Contact Form https://forms.gle/UMzcwNX3hhGoUArr7

(2)Confirmation / Discussion on actual task and contract

SOM Sales will reply to customer to confirm the issue. NDA will be concluded faster if necessary.


Discuss and clarify the budget / schedule with customer.

(4)Basic Contract (only for new contract)

Basic Contract for outsourcing will be agreed. Possible to omit this process with certain condition.

(5)Job Order

Job will be ordered.


Customer – SOM will have meetings to keep in touch with customer.

(7)Delivery of Materials

SOM will submit deliverable to customer and customer will do the inspection.

(8)After Service

If there is any question and/or concern, SOM will support customers to fix their issues on deliverable.