Aircraft / UAS Type Certificate Consulting, Structural Optimization, Structural Design, Analysis, Testing, Foreign Supplier Control, Education of Engineers for aerospace field as mentioned below in detail.

【Aircraft / UAS Type Certificate Consulting】

Airworthiness certification is necessary for mobility to fly. We plan analysis and testing for safety flight verification, and apply, discuss with Airworthiness Authorities. When the mobility cannot be categorized into current framework of aviation law, we will establish logic to show safety of flight for them. Not only full package certification, but partial research and analysis can be done.

【Structural Optimization】

Flying vehicles have to be light. Structural optimization is the technology to reduce product’s less critical portion to be lighter. Our Structural Optimization technology can take many kinds of failure mode into account, then the result will be directly in use. We have options like optimization with certain CAE software, or order made structural optimization system integration.  Not only full package system integration, but partial research and analysis can be done.

fig.)  sample structural topology optimization (leading edge rib in commercial aircraft)

【Structural Design, Analysis, Testing, Foreign Supplier Control】

Aircraft Structural Design and Analysis with CAE tools, Test planning and witnessing, Data analysis, Trouble shooting are capable. Expertise on Strength evaluation, Stress Analysis Reporting. Foreign supplier control ( Technical discussion ) is also capable.

fig.)  sample crash analysis

【Education of Engineers】

Aerospace, and general design, technical English education. We are careful to take Customer’s request into account.